Starting A New Ministry

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I was approached the other day for some advice for young people starting out in a new music ministry. As I thought about my experiences down through my 31 years of Gospel Music Ministry, I realized there may be some information of value that I may be able to share with those of you who are starting out.
Let’s start with the sometimes not-so-obvious basic principle for a Gospel Music Ministry:
1. Get saved(born again) – If you are saved we can move on, but if you are not; today is the day of Salvation. Note: if you just got saved take time to grow in The Lord before launching a Ministry.

2. Have a home church. – Having a home church and being accountable to a Pastor is crucial in being successful in Ministry.

3. Show up when and where you are supposed to. – I know emergencies will arise, but if you take a booking-SHOW UP. Get there earlier than you say you will be there. Make sure to account for the time it will take you to set up all equipment and product. Note: if your Ministry is a group I suggest that one person be in charge of taking appointments. This will help avoid double booking.
4. Maintain your Spiritual Vitality. – Do not sit at home watching TV when you are not singing. Go to church, pray, fast, etc… If your batteries are dead you will not be able to jump start another battery.

These are just a few basic Music Ministry points for New Ministries. If you have any questions or would like to meet and discuss your Ministry please feel free to call me at NGS Media Group  855-793-MILL(6455) or email me at


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