Larry Petree on “Here’s A Miracle” by Tim Livingston

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Tim Livingston has been able to accomplish what is nearly impossible. He has captured the emotions that I felt when I wrote the song, “Here’s A Miracle”, which is on the national charts and is nominated Song of the year by the ICGMA.

I have written many charting songs, but few have been able to capture and express my emotions. I am not sure how, but Brother Tim created a very personal version of this song, and I suspect Brother Tim has had a broken heart at some point in his life. He pours his heart out.

This is very very uncommon for me, but I highly recommend that you secure a copy of this new CD, by Tim Livingston, of the same title, “Here’s a miracle.

Contact, Ron Short, right here on facebook. Do this for me, and do this for you. I promise you, this song and this project will be a great blessing to your soul.

One of the most outstanding things is, Tim pays royalties and even paid in advance. That is very uncommon. And it helped pay half of my electric bill. Also, Brother Tim is nominated for several awards, yet because I wrote his single, he has openly expressed his desire to share his success with me, by giving me open and public credit for writing his charting song. I admire him.

Tim Livingston is the son of the late and great Norm Livingston, a legend in Ohio, who was a bible preacher and operated a Gospel music radio station and promoted gospel concerts for years.

Contact Ron Short now, and order a copy of this CD project.

Larry Petree

To order your copy of “Here’s A Miracle” call Ron Short at
or order online at
also available on iTunes and CDBaby

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